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CheckFlight Corsair
2 CD Set with sounds of the F4U Corsair and voices of the Legends who flew them.
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Sample a Corsair high speed low level pass:
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The "Bent Wing Bird", as the F4U Corsair is known to many, was one of the most famous American carrier based fighters in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Its success carried it to service well into the Korean Conflict. On this beautiful special 2 CD set we've got lots of Corsair music prepared for you. You'll hear group engine starts and take-offs, single and formation passes, aerobatics, a 400+ mph, "throttle to the firewall" pass, as well as landings and taxiing. There's a back seat recording so you can feel what it's like inside the cockpit. A "Friends and Foe" section features passes by the Corsair, Mustang, Lightning, Zero, Bearcat, Wildcat and the Super Corsair. On disc 2 Corsair pilot Steve Bakke tells us how everything works and, last but not least, we are honored to hear Corsair tales told by the heroic pilots who flew the Corsair in combat.
Disc 1 - Corsair Sounds Disc 2
1. 400+ MPH Passes [It'll knock you over.]   1. Steve Bakke Conversation
2. Group Engine Start [The ground shakes.]      
3. Take-offs [Right in front of you.]   VOICES OF THE LEGENDS
4. Passes [On top of you, low and fast.]   2. Rob Reider Introduction
5. Landings [So beautiful.]   3. Henery Bourgeois
6. Taxi-back and Shut-down [Closer and closer and closer...]   4. Glenn Bowers
7. Solo Engine Start [You can count the cylinders firing.]   5. Ned Corman
8. Aerobatics [When you hear it, you can see it.]   6. Tom Emrich
9. Landing [Tire chirps and engine crackling.]   7. Ed Harper
10. Taxi-back and Shut-down [Nice.]   8. Bill Heier
11. In-cockpit Flight [You are there. The microphone was in my lap in the back seat.]   9. Jim Hill
12. Friends and Foes [Can you name them without reading the menu? There's a surprise in here for you too.]   10. Fred Loesch
      11. Bruce Matheson
      12. Al McCartney
      13. Bob McClurg
      14. Dean Caswell
      15. Archie Donahue
      16. Jim Swett
      17. Cook Cleland
      18. Harold Bitzegaio
      19. William Landreth
      20. Toughest Enemy
      21. Best and Worst

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